Albury is a growing suburb with great community.

A Values BasedResidentialCommunity

“There’s no need to go to big places like Melbourne and Sydney when everything you need is here and you’ve still got that country feel about everything, it’s just so relaxed.” … Allan & Janet

Our ALV values reflect the strong beliefs and consistent behaviors of those who direct, manage, work for and live within our ALV Community. They describe the way in which Directors, Staff and Residents live, communicate, interact, work and have fun together. The values determine the culture of our community, and are held in high esteem and are protected at all times.


Respect for our Village, our Residents and of each other. We are proud of our achievements and the quality of our Village. We respect and encourage a diversity of views, opinions and approaches. We encourage open and respectful communication and above all we respect the promise to our Residents of quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their homes.


We create opportunities and pathways for people to connect and build social relationships. We respect an individual’s need for privacy but at the same time see a connected community as being fundamental to health and emotional well- being. We will look for ways to make ALV policies, practices and procedures work to bring people together.


Community that is physically secure is priority for all. Managers, Staff and Residents will work together to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the quiet peace and pleasure that comes from a secure physical and emotional living environment. Our communication between all stakeholders promotes a sense of security and is neither threatening nor intimidating.


In all of our undertakings be they commercial or social we look for transparency and honesty as a guiding value. We present information to Residents and prospective Residents in ways that are clear, consistent and when heard are able to be acted upon. Our binding agreements are clear and unambiguous. We see no place for hidden agendas or misleading fine print.


Maintaining the quality of the built environment and the amenity and grounds within our Village is a driving value. We are proud of how our village looks and the amenities it provides. We will always look for ways to enhance the value of our collective asset. At all times Staff and Residents will seek to protect and foster this sense of quality.

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