What Makes Living in Albury great!! FAQ

Q Why is Albury  a better place to live?

A Where do we start? Although our homes are beautifully constructed, low maintenance, and superbly appointed they are considerably cheaper than new homes in comparative villages in Albury-Wodonga, leaving you with more money to invest & earn income. Our Clubhouse, heated pool, bowling green, gymnasium, theatrette, library etc. are superb. Unlike most other comparative villages in the area, if you are receiving a pension through Centrelink or from Veteran’s Affairs, Rent Assistance will be added to your pension when you live at our village. And if you ever decide to leave the village you, not us, set the price on your home, you keep every cent of your capital gain, and unlike virtually all similar villages in Albury-Wodonga you pay absolutely no Exit or Deferred Management Fees – saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Q Do I own my own home?

A Yes, you own your own home.

Q What is the price range of homes in the village?

A The price depends upon the size & design of the home and its location in the village. A price list is included in this package.

Q What does the price include?

A The price covers a complete home package including fixtures & fittings, split system reverse- cycle inverter air-conditioning, floor coverings, window furnishings, stainless steel appliances, paths, fences, clothesline, landscaping, fly wire window screens, and carport complete with roller door and storage shed. The price also includes GST and all other duties & statutory charges.

Q How long will my home take to build?

A Assuming a 90 day settlement on your current house, your new home in the village will be ready to move into at the end of that period. Your home will be built off site by Yarrawonga Manufactured Housing & construction usually takes 12 weeks with a couple of weeks to connect to services on site once delivered.

Q Does a quality guarantee come with my home?

A Yes, your home comes with a 3-month maintenance period – to fix any minor problems which may have become apparent in that time. And there is a 6-year guarantee on the structure.
Appliances in your home, such as the air conditioning unit, carry a manufacturer’s guarantee. The duration of these manufacturer’s guarantees will vary but are generally a one year warranty.

Q Can I sell my home?

A Yes. If for some reason you need to leave the village, you are free to sell your home. You set the price, not us, you are able to sell through a real estate agent should you wish to do so.
It is important to note that there are no Exit Fees or Deferred Management Fees charged when you sell your home – nor is there a charge against the capital gain realized upon the sale of your home. Any increase in the value of your home during your occupancy is yours to keep.

Q Do I own the land where my home is situated?

A You do not have to purchase the land as part of your residency at our village, leaving you free to invest or use this saving to enjoy your new lifestyle. The ownership of the land is retained by Albury Lifestyle Village and you enter into a residential site agreement which not only gives you exclusive right to occupy the land but also gives you full access to all of the amenities and privileges of the village

Q How much will the residential site agreement cost?

A Rent is currently $144.00 per week. If you qualify for the pension then you may be eligable
for Rental Assistance from Centrelink or Veteran Affairs.
You need to check with Centrelink or Veteran Affairs to see if you are eligible for assistance.
And can we suggest that instead of just calling the Centrelink Hotline you talk directly
to the staff at the Centrelink Albury office, as they know our village well.

Q What does the $144.00 per week cover?

A It is used to pay the running costs of the village, including –

  • Council Rates
  • Subsidized Water Rates
  • Sewerage Charges
  • Maintenance of the facilities
  • Maintenance of the grounds
  • Maintenance of your front gardens
  • Management of the village
  • Village Bus
  • Low cost telephone service

Please note that our irrigation water is recycled rainwater collected in large underground tanks and reticulated throughout the village. Although we are currently able to cover the costs of water, we may, as a result of severe drought conditions and rising water costs, need to revise this policy in the future.

Q Are there additional living costs?

A There are no body corporate fees or council rates to pay. However residents are responsible for their own electricity, gas & telephone charges which are metered at each individual home. Subsidized water rates may apply in the future due to rising costs.
Telephone & internet packages start from $55 per month. This includes free phone calls to all land lines throughout Australia.

Q What happens to rent in the circumstances of a resident’s death?

A  If a sole occupant dies, rent would accrue as normal however, and in good faith, we would not impose the “rent in arrears” breach of the tenancy agreement for unpaid rents until the executor of the resident’s estate was able to pay the outstanding accrued rent amount and/or the home is sold. If the home is sold no Exit Fees or Deferred Management Fees are payable, and any capital gain is retained by the vendor (see Answer 6 above).

Q Are there village rules?

There are village rules which form part of the Residents Site Agreement to ensure that everyone experiences quiet enjoyment, peace, comfort and privacy at the village. The rules cover   issues such as noise, pets and closing time of the facilities.

Q Do residents have a voice in the operation of the village?

A  A resident’s committee will be responsible for social events & community activities. A joint village liaison committee comprising village management & residents’ representatives will be established to ensure that your opinion is heard.

Q Can I have visitors to stay?

A  Yes. Visitors can stay with you for up to 30 days at no additional cost.

Q What about shopping?

There is a corner store & hotel nearby. Lavington Centro Shopping Centre, with major retailers & specialty shops, is within a short distance.

Q How is my mail delivered?

Your mail is delivered daily to your locked personal mail box at the Clubhouse.

Q Can I rent my home to another person?

Quite frankly, we’d prefer that you didn’t. This is because the success of the village is built around friendships that develop between owner/occupier residents and the bonds that are created through shared experiences. However, the village is flexible & occasionally there are exceptional circumstances and, with the written permission of management you may be permitted to sub let your home. We have a Land and Environment Court of NSW consent condition imposed upon our title requiring at least one occupier of each site be over the age of 55 years.

Q What happens when I go on holidays?

It has been said that life in a lifestyle village like ours is one long holiday. However, if you decide to travel, simply notify the village manager of your intentions and we will collect your mail for you. Because our village offers a high level of security you can have peace of mind whilst you are away & your front garden will be maintained in your absence.

Q Will rubbish be collected?

Your rubbish bin will be emptied on a fortnightly basis.

Q Is car parking available?

Each home has a carport or garage. Additional parking for guests is located near the Clubhouse and throughout the village.

Q Where can I store my caravan?

A special area has been set aside in the village for storing caravans, boats or trailers. A small monthly fee is payable for use of this area.

Q What about public transport?

We have our own village bus which is operated by the manager, and it is available for residents who wish to travel to the local shops, clubs etc. In addition, a city bus is available with a bus stop outside the village.

Q Can I be asked to leave the village?

Yes. Your residential site agreement can be terminated, but only in limited circumstances … Those circumstances include but are not limited to “if the resident seriously and persistently breaches the tenancy agreement”  and “if the resident becomes in arrears of rent”. A copy of the “Residential Tenancies Regulation 2006” standard form of agreement is available to you upon request.

Q What happens if the village is sold to a developer for a change of use?

Under the “NSW Residential Parks Act” if the village is sold or there is a change of use planned, the owner must provide 12 months notice to the resident and provide relocation costs for a distance of travel up to 500 kilometers away. This is highly unlikely as 151 relocations would simply be too expensive.

Q Is the village secure and will I feel safe there?

The village is a gated community and can only be entered by residents, their guests and service providers. A member of the management team is on site at all times and, in villages such as ours, members of the community look after one another. We believe that Albury Lifestyle Village offers security & safety to all its residents.

Q What is the role of the manager?

The manager’s responsibilities include ensuring the village runs smoothly, supervising services such as maintenance of the village grounds and equipment, facilitating the residents’ use of the community centre and sporting facilities, arrange and monitor the village bus timetable and to administer the business on behalf of the owner.

Q Can I personalize and work in my own garden?

It is our intention to make life at the village as easy as possible. Our maintenance team will take care of your front garden, to retain the perfection of the streetscape. In addition there is the consideration of sustainability & responsible water usage. Your rear garden is entirely yours to design & plant as you wish.

Q Can I keep a pet in the village?

Small domestic pets are perfectly welcome, providing that they are able to be kept indoors at night and are of no nuisance to your neighbours.

Q Do the homes have steps to the entrances?

Yes, most homes have one, two or three steps depending upon their location in the village. However we can install ramps to any home if you require.

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